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    Good books and specialized education will help us form the right values.
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    + Introduction of CN School

    In order for a good seed to grow into one giant tree and bear fruits, a surrounding environment factor, such as sunlight, moisture and nutrients, plays a decisive role. CN School is an authentic Montessori professional educational institute that provides a good educational environment for our children, who will be protagonists of future generations, to grow up together with good personality, intellect and spirituality.

    + Founding philosophy

    A happy genius with a right value
    In order for your children to grow up as an individual who can look to the world around him or her with a healthy view, feel satisfaction and joy in everyday life, and finds and develops his or her talents, the school provides “helpful education in children’s life” that can realize a full potential of the child.

    + Vision

    Through happy education that opens the future of children, we bring up excellent gifted children who can lead the world by shaping a right value and character for children, as Jesus guides us.

    + Objectives of Education

    Children with full personality, intelligence, and spirituality

    + CN Network

    + CN School Education Program

    – Advanced Montessori Program
    Using more than 500 to 1000 original Montessori educational tools, our teachers have identified an individual’s development stages and carried out and deepened advanced sensible training suitable for an individual’s sensitive period.

    – Reading Education
    The integrated thinking program that reads and expresses stories, pictures, and thoughts.
    A program to read, experience, discuss and plan for training creative writing artist.

    – English Education
    Enjoyable and Fun English, Practical Communication-Centered Program

    – Knowledge Playground
    A program that combines diverse knowledge and experiences and enables a player to experience fun in daily life
    Nature-friendly program to know nature better

    – Advanced Montessori Education, Reading Education, and English Education are given in Regular Kindergarten Program for age of 4 to 7 years, Kindergarten Program, Elementary Student Program.